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Portrait of the month : Zaahirah Atchia, jurist and businesswoman

Portrait of the month : Zaahirah Atchia, jurist and businesswoman

Portrait of the month :

Our journalist from KIMY GLOSS went to Canada to introduce you to an exceptional young woman with an ambitious temperament.

921%. It’s the financial progress as of August 31, 2016 for Radio ChoqFM105.1. With $ 5377 deficit 12 months earlier, the radio station now posts $ 44,183 in profit. At the root of these figures: Zaahirah Atchia, a 30-year-old Mauritian girl originally settled in Toronto for her studies.

Before the radio :

Married to an engineer, Zaahirah Atchia was born in the Republic of Mauritius in 1986. She is skilled in the use of language and has a good literary culture and decides to integrate the best law school on the island. In parallel, she drowns herself on her journalistic passion.
In 2012, she is hired by the Pakistan bank HBL Maurice. Brillante, she became Director of Human Resources and Public Relations. She then has an excellent professional experience as a beginning.

But she does not stop there. Attracted by Canada’s openness policy, she decided to pack her bags at the end of 2013. She settled in Toronto in early 2014. Continuing her studies in law, Zaahirah became involved with a number of Francophone organizations such as Radio ChoqFM.

[…] we completed our financial year 2016 with a net profit of $ 44.183 Zaahirah Atchia

First steps

After more than a year of volunteering on that radio station, she landed her first job as business analyst. We are then in June 2015.
On August 31, the company’s balance sheet is at its lowest, with a deficit of $ 5,377. For the Mauritian, the challenges are daunting but do not seem to frighten her. Aimed at the financial recovery of the radio, she said: “… the challenges did not impress me, however; In fact, they served only to reinforce my tenacity.” The adopted strategy is to integrate the English and Quebec markets, strengthen community and institutional ties, restructure marketing, approach external communication in a forward-looking manner, and diversify the issues.

The beginning of a Success Story ​The ingredients of the successful recipe fill the locals with great ChoqFM smell. In September 2015 she became Director of Operations and then General Manager by Interim in 2016 after a rigorous selection.
As the financial year draws to a close, Zaahirah’s energy pulsates the heart of the radio. So much so that on August 31, the new strategy was a great success. Indeed, the radio station recorded a profit increase of 921% compared to last year, that is $ 44 183 of profits. Moreover, the eloquence of the new GM brings more than thirty partners.
On December 14, prestige rings at the door. ChoqFM receives the Laureate of Institutional Collective Excellence, awarded by the Ontario Council for Cooperation. ChoqFM owes much to this woman as talented in business as in law. ​

But her goals as CEO do not end there. Her strategy is set to grow by optimizing radio technologies, making it an unavoidable media in Ontario and perhaps even in the coming decades. In addition, income will be diversified through the creation of new local businesses, thereby promoting employment and volunteering. She summarizes: “We will continue to focus on the prism of opportunity, to make the choice of enlightened optimism and thoughtful progressiveness to strengthen the gains and continue to advance.

Currently, the radio station employs 3 people and has a freelancer. In addition, 50 volunteers ensure the smooth functioning of the radio, placing their trust in the one that has restored the company.

At this rate, she could very well have her picture appear in Forbes magazine…

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