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What is Armani’s secret code ?

What is Armani’s secret code ?

The eagle of Armani always flies higher in the sky of high fashion. At the age of 82, the feathers are not ready to fall from the multidisciplinary animal.

The flight of the Black Eagle …


It was in 1957 after his military service that Giorgio Armani made his debut in the world of fashion. And like any great fashion designer who respects himself, he began at the very bottom of the ladder. Yes, really all the way down. He was hired as a window dresser in the department store La Rinascente. Four years later, he obtained a stylist position alongside Nino Cerutti. He works there for 9 years.
Aged 31, it was in 1975 that he founded with his companion of the time Sergio Galeotti the Giorgio Armani company S.p.A.

This is the beginning of a great adventure. That same year, the brand has two clothing lines (1 for men and 1 for women). In 1980, the brand gained a worldwide reputation thanks to Hollywood. Indeed, Giorgio dressed Richard Gere in the film American Gigolo as well as other fashionable stars of that time. The same year, he designed the new uniforms for the Italian Air Force (obviously, the military remain put behind their cockpit).

… Flying beside the stars…

The dazzling rise of the Italian fashion designer led him to create 8 lines of clothing and diversified into the luxury areas such as cosmetics, furniture, hotels, restaurants, confectionery and even flowers!! An “Armani Libri” publishing house has even opened its doors. In addition, the company signed gold contracts with Samsung (1 cell phone and 1 television signed by Giorgio were born) or with the manufacturer Mercedes-Benz (the brand decorated the interior of some cars).

Showbiz stars trust him. Thus, Lady Gaga was drawn some stage outfits in 2010. In the cinema, the voracious Jordan Belfort is dressed by the creator in 2012. In 2013, Kate Blanchett is the ambassador for the new Si fragrance. In the following year, George Clooney commissioned him His modest wedding costume made of wool. Then more recently in 2016, the footballer Lionel Messi places his confidence in Giorgio for the ceremony of Ballon d’Or.

For the elegant lines, the designer uses virgin wool of synthetic materials, cashmere and other textiles.

…Give the chance to new…

Like every year, the stylist of 83 years old gives a chance to a colleague by presenting his creations at the Milan fashion week at the Armani Teatro. This year, there were 4 stylists: Moto Guoi (Malaysia), Tien Lu (Taiwan) and Fang Fang (China) both for Consistency and finally Yoshio Kubo (Japan). In total, 3 creations have been presented by these little geniuses of sewing; an immense honor for them, seeing that the artistic world in general has a difficult environment strewn with liars and manipulators as well as false speeches. We now know that Giorgio’s speech is concrete.

With the Giorgio Armani brand, luxury rhymes with humanity. The great creator has found the recipe how to endure posthumous, as late as possible, hopefully.

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