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Thomas Gibson: The Undertones of a Strange Dismissal

Thomas Gibson: The Undertones of a Strange Dismissal

Thomas Gibson- the actor who played Hotch in Criminal Minds was thrown out. Back to this strange and suspicious case.

A false argument ?


Hotch is the nickname given to the head profiler Aaron Hotchner. He was one of the supportive pillars of the series. After 12 seasons of filming, 11 years incarnating the role, he has become a figure impossible to circumvent. With his cold, strict face he has impressed more than one.


Officially, the reason for his departure was simple: after having hit the producer and screenwriter Virgil Williams in his box, it is normal that he be fired. The scene was as follows: Thomas Gibson was not in agreement with a dialogue during a night scene. He then talked about it with Virgil Williams who did not wish to change the sentence but suggested alternatives that the actor refused. Later, while he was walking quietly in the studio, Gibson kicked Williams’ leg.

One would think that the actor is a little crazy. But one should also take into account the actor’s version! Hotch said that Williams would have bumped into him and that to defend himself, he put his knee against the latter. Then a verbal exchange followed which was devoid of all amiability; Insults, one might say. He regretted his remarks because he apologized the following day, but that did not prevent his dismissal.


Well, I admit that we do not know who to believe. In order to forge a critical opinion on the subject, I suggest that you look at the few years that have passed.

We can then see that there are 9 actors and actresses we should consider pertaining to our subject. Between those who left without real reasons, those who left amicably, for maternal reasons or on their own free will, the reasons are never the same, and yet…

For some, it is questionable whether the official version does not try to hide economic upheavals, bad agreements on the filming or production pressure.

CBS mistreats women?

Paget Brewster talks about his dismissal of Criminal Minds: “It could not be due to budget cuts: the person who was hired to replace me was paid twice as much as I was!”. CBS is a network that mistreats women. ”

If this company is not sympathetic with actresses, why would it be with actors? CBS does not seem to have any scruples…

What do you think?


Now that you have all the cards in your hand, what do you really think of this dismissal? Although Thomas Gibson has a turbulent past (he jostled an assistant on a shoot, he drove while being drunk), has he really been violent? Was he the victim of an incredible staging?


Beware of every story you read, it can hide a bigger scandal…

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