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The new face of Celine Dion’s “René”

The new face of Celine Dion’s “René”

On 14 January 2016, René Angelil passed away after a throat cancer in Sin City. His wife’s love for two decades was immeasurable; A love that will go down in the history of the artistic world. Despite her loyalty to her late husband, who could be the contenders for the Canadian diva?

From poutine to Saudi Sauce

$360 million dollar worth. This is the price of a possible gift from Saudi prince Abibi to the Canadian star in 2013. The item? A modest diamond found in Cairo. The price of the singer’s heart? Even though she seems to remain tirelessly linked to her husband, rumors could run over a hidden love between the rich Saudi and the beautiful Canadian.

The man who is richer than Croesus has known the singer of My Heart Will Go On for a long time. A special affinity might have appeared. What does attract Dion to him? Is it the banknotes, the size of the diamond or true love?

But let’s not forget that four years ago, Celine Dion was 44 years old. And it is well known that the midlife crisis gives new horizons, new ambitions. It’s a bit of a second teen age when you look at it. It would be normal that she would like to see elsewhere.

And who never deceived their husbands? Honestly? The stars do everything to keep an intact image, which they sometimes took years to build up. The mythical image that the couple Dion-Angélil returns must not be expected. So in order not to taint this beautiful marketing work, it is wiser to be brief …

Kévin Girouard or the myth of the dandy guitar player

                In the 70s, rock n’roll style was at its peak. And in the bands, it was often said that the best rated was the guitar player. He could do solo performances at the speed of the cheetah. He could attract crowds of fans.

Unfortunately today, the image of the guitar player is not what it once was. But for some people, this attraction is still well-established.

Born in 1968, Celine Dion grew up with big names of rock such as Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones or even Pink Floyd … That is from these times that appeared the “guitar player myth”. After René’s death, she would surely be interested in her guitarist Kevin Girouard. Although she publicly denied this rumor a few months ago, God only knows the truth…

Ironically, René hired this young man, 18 years younger than Celine. It was he who replaced the former guitarist who was kicked out by Celine’s manager overnight. Would he have wanted Celine to meet a younger man after his passing away?

In any case, it seems she surrendered. One only has to see their complicity when they are together. The singer clearly does not like people of her age … René with two dozen more and this young man, two less. After the antiquities, youth!!

Celine’s love stories are as secret as the foundations of the Vatican. Sorry Ms. Diva for updating some exciting stories. We look forward to your new lover and even a future child?

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