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Deadline :

January, 31 2017

Type :

length film

Synopsis :

Book 1 of an seven book sequel. Of Lucifer’s first disobedience, the word ‘no’ was born. And with the height of that pleasant, but the doomed pleasure of seeking eternity with the apple tree, Lucifer had spread his wings on humanity for years and centuries to come. He paved the way for betrayal. He who pushed humans to fall in hell, in a horrific landscape crowded with suffering, with burning heat, with a red flash of fire twilight, and swirling ashes drew our destiny. The pain he caused made the time sway like an angry wave. Lucifer’s battle with the realm of human beings had started by bringing them not only down into a world of the unknown but made people his subjects. Michael Colorandt was no exception. Being an ordinary American citizen, Michael used to live happily than anyone could imagine. He considered his marriage the best spell that he had enjoyed.

Indications :

The casting process has just begun and we owe each individual application the attention it deserves. We’ll start soon reviewing the received applications and to build up our Creative List on IMDb with potential candidates – if you match the role criteria you will be added to the Creative List and you will get a confirmation Email. So, we ask for patience and confidence: we will contact you as soon as possible, discuss the further application steps and, if necessary, invite you to a suitable audition, a Skype interview or to send a self-tape. We respect every application, whether it comes from a business newcomer or from a well-known actor – since we have many other roles to fill, we may also suggest other characters/roles for you. We have three upcoming film projects called SATANIC VERSES – The Corlandt-Chronicles (Apocalyptic-End-Time-Thriller), TIME CAPTURED (Sci-Fi-Thriller) and RAINBOW BRIDGE (Love-Drama). Please check our casting notices regularly to get updated about new roles and the related deadlines and filming schedules.

Role #1 : Andrew

Lead, Male, 40 – 55 yrs

Andrew: A tall lanky man with a receding hairline, Andrew’s a Bible scholar and an old friend of Marie. He owns a store called, “Heaven’s Gate”. He’s the first person she runs to with her suspicion of Michael being possessed. Andrew believes this to be true as he had heard about the first seal being broken. He gives her a tidbit of information and warning. Andrew fears for her but knows she will continue to search for her family. He has ties to a group of supernatural beings whose mission is to battle evil. He acts as an informant for them about happenings around him. He keeps a lot of secret from Maria because not only does he believe that she can’t handle it but that it may also make her make mistakes.


Role #2 : Beelzebub

Lead, Male, 25 – 40 yrs

Beelzebub: He’s Lucifer’s right hand man. Due to his incapability to move around earth, Lucifer sent him to do his deeds. It is Beelzebub who saves Michael when a demon tries to kill him for desecrating his Holy grounds. Beelzebub is evil and will stop at nothing to usher in his master. He likes Michael and pushes him to deliver all that will make the world Lucifer. Called Lord of the Flies, Beelzebub appears to Michael most times in visions and bestows on him powers that would make his tasks easy.


Role #3 : Elias Corlandt

Lead, Male, 11 – 15 yrs

Elias Corlandt: He’s the first child of Michael and Maria Corlandt. He’s thirteen and considered a child prodigy by his teachers in school. Elias began to read at three and knows up to five languages. His mother is however worried about this as she wants a normal childhood for him. Elias is excited to go to Egypt with his family. It is Elias who finds the cavern in the pyramid while trying to get the amulet of his younger brother which rolled into the dark. However Elias is intelligent and will soon come to realize that their father is up to no good.


Role #4 : Louis Corlandt

Lead, Male, 8 – 12 yrs

Louis Corlandt: He’s ten and the last child of Michael and Maria Corlandt. He’s small and looks very much like his mother. Louis is an active child and loves to play. He loves adventure and role playing. When their father tells them they are on to another adventure, Louis is excited. He’s more responsive to his father’s manipulation but eventually begins to ask for his mother who’s fond of.


Role #5 : Lucifer

Lead, Male, 8 – 12 yrs

Lucifer: The fallen angel is trapped in hell but still has his power on earth. Still it is limited and he wants supreme power. He hates mankind and wants to torment them as punishment for the love God has for them even when they err. He sends his most loyal servant, Beelzebub to prepare the way for him. In the past, he had tried to break out but had failed. For Lucifer, there will be no mistakes this time around. He can smell his freedom. Power untold is just at his fingertips and nothing can stop him this time around.


Role #6 : Marcatonio

Lead, Male, 25 – 35 yrs, 7’0″ max

Marcatonio: He’s the leader of a group of three supernatural beings and one human which was formed by an angel. Marcatonio’s a giant with a height of almost 7ft. Of Spanish Egyptian descent, Maractonio has super strength as one of his powers. He’s also skilled in using guns and swords. Marcatonio owns lots of weapons, most of which are not from the human realm. He’s told by Charlie of Michael’s mission and gets his team to stop him. He and his team pay a visit to the Corlandt’s home and their suspicions are confirmed when they read Marie’s notes. He’s endowed with a lot of knowledge about the spiritual realm and knows the world will be in chaos if Lucifer is allowed into the world.

Additional Criteria :

    Latin/Hispanic or Middle Eastern


Role #7 : Marie Corlandt

Lead, Female, 25 – 40 yrs

Marie Corlandt: A dark haired woman in her thirties, Marie is the wife to Michael Corlandt. She’s a veterinarian at a local clinic. Marie’s the prayer pillar of her family as she strongly believes and worships God. She’s devastated when she returns home to find her husband and sons missing. Marie meets with an old friend, Andrew who’s a Bible Scholar and he confirms her fear, her husband is on a demonic mission to open gates of hell. Worst of all is that he took their sons, Louis and Elias. Her love for her sons is great and this may be her downfall as she will put her life on the line just to get her sons back. Marie discovers things which she never knew were possible as she follows her husband trail to find their sons. It is a delicate mission for her but she’s determined.

Additional Criteria :

    Slim or Average
    Black or Brown


Role #8 : Officer Jackson

Lead, Male, 30 – 50 yrs

Officer Jackson: He’s the officer in charge of the disappearance of Michael and his sons. He’s in his mid thirties, unmarried and has no children. His first suspect is Marie until an attempt is made on her life and he saves her by killing her assailant. The case intrigues him as Michael is someone who’s smart and ahead of the force. He knows Maria’s hiding something which she doesn’t want to reveal. However, he’s determined to find the boys and their father as this would help his career.

Role #9 : The 1st Horseman WAR

Lead, Male, 30 – 50 yrs

The horse rider has always been known in the revelations and throughout the entire history. The appearance of the horse rider from the start marks his importance to the story. He is a man who comes to Michael’s dream riding his bright white horse. He possesses the criteria of a conqueror and of a messenger at the same time. A crown is placed on the horse rider’s head. He might be a king of a specific nation or more than one. The horse rider usually carries a bow which represents a traditional weapon in wars. But in the dream he plays the role of the messenger to tell Michael about a prophecy.


Role #10: Abraham

Supporting, Male, 40 – 60 yrs

Abraham: He’s a colleague of Maria. An older man, he’s very quiet and observes all that happens around him. Abraham knows of Michael’s demonic possession and is shaken when he sees the power in Michael. Abraham has had an experience with something of this sort when he was a younger man in Ireland. When Michael goes off with his sons, he decides to pay a visit to the Corlandt to see what he’s dealing with. He walks into Marcatonio and his crew and is in awe of their powers although not surprised since he believes in the supernatural. Marcatonio and his crew tell him not to say a word, but, however when Maria confronts him at the clinic, he has no option than spilling all of it out.


Role #11 : Angie

Supporting, Female, 30 – 45 yrs

Charlie and Angie: They are family friends of the Corlandts and like them have two sons of the same age range. Charlie’s Michael’s best friend and is the first person Maria calls when her family disappears. He goes over to the house with his wife Angie. They cannot understand why Michael would do such a thing but still he escorts Marie to the station to file a report. The couple tries all they can to help find their friend and his sons, they paste posters and reach out to other friends but to no avail. They have no idea that Michael is on an evil mission as Maria doesn’t trust them enough to share her burden. When an attempt is made on Marie’s life, it is their home she stays for some days. They feel Michael leaving has to do with a domestic incident and that he would return soon with the boys.


Role #12 : Annabella

Supporting, Female, 30 – 50 yrs

Annabelle: She’s Marie’s older sister. They had been very close until she moved to Alaska. She rebukes her sister when she calls her after finding on social media about her nephews’ disappearance. She however feels bad when Marie breaks down and tells her what has been happening. Annabelle doesn’t want to believe what her sister tells her but as a firm Christian she has seen the signs. As a doctor she has communicated with other doctors who had reported strange illness wiping out villages. With all her sister tells her, she knows the end is near, she just never imagined it would hit so close to home. She’s determined to pay her sister a visit but Marie turns it down since she knows her five year old who’s asthmatic needs his mother care. Marie’s also worried about harm befalling Annabelle if she visits. The sisters promise to pray while sharing whatever information they come across.


Role #13 : Aprile

Supporting, Female, 25 – 35 yrs

Aprile: She’s the youngest in Marcatonio’s group. She’s twenty-two and Asian-American. She’s slim with curves and rocks a pixie cut most times. She’s beautiful and has a well-toned body. However, she’s not one to mess with as she can take anyone down. She’s also smart and analytic. Aprile’s the tech geek of the group and spent nine years working as an C.I.A agent. Apart from being a well skilled sword and gun user, Aprile can mind read and mind speak. She’s always read for some action and loves to take out the bad guys.


Role #14 : Austorre

Supporting, Male, 25 – 40 yrs

Austorre: He’s part of Marcatonio’s group. At 4’9, he’s the shortest of the group and his body is filled with tattoos. Austorre’s has wings which he hides when he’s around humans. He also has the power to transform into any being on earth. He may also be a vampire. He’s friendly with Marcatonio and Aprile but wary of Rev. Timothy. The others tease him on his ability to transform into other beings especially when he changes into a woman.


Role #15 : Charles

Supporting, Male, 40 – 55 yrs

Charles: He’s the man Marie met at the Senator’s office when she expected him to be in the city. While she was paid no mind by the rest of the staff, she felt drawn to Charles and told him her woes. However, he didn’t believe her. He’s a huge man with a pair of glasses which he doesn’t seem to need. His gaze hovers around as if he’s watching. He comment on Marie’s necklace on her way out. A few minutes later, Marie’s attacked at home.


Role #16 : Charlie

Supporting, Male, 30 – 45 yrs

Charlie and Angie: They are family friends of the Corlandts and like them have two sons of the same age range. Charlie’s Michael’s best friend and is the first person Maria calls when her family disappears. He goes over to the house with his wife Angie. They cannot understand why Michael would do such a thing but still he escorts Marie to the station to file a report. The couple tries all they can to help find their friend and his sons, they paste posters and reach out to other friends but to no avail. They have no idea that Michael is on an evil mission as Maria doesn’t trust them enough to share her burden. When an attempt is made on Marie’s life, it is their home she stays for some days. They feel Michael leaving has to do with a domestic incident and that he would return soon with the boys.


Role #17 : Darwin

Supporting, Male, 25 – 40 yrs

Marie’s coworker, a 33 – years- old man who looks like a nerd, he wears glasses. He keeps reading books and wears colorful trousers all the time. He has tattoos on his neck. Darwin has a weird story, he never graduated; he lied to his parents and told them that he was going to study and become a real neurological doctor, but he couldn’t realize their dream and became a veterinarian instead.


Role #18 : Esther

Supporting, Female, 25 – 40 yrs

Esther: She’s a young woman and a descendant of Mary Magdalene. She’s also a reporter and throws a sensitive question at Marie at the press conference held at the station. Marie’s intrigued by her but is disappointed not to see her again in the crowd. Esther shows up at Charlie and Angie and asks Marie to join her in her car. There Esther reveals to her what she knows about Michael and his disappearance. She knows what is going on as well as who tried to hurt Marie, the Church in Rome. She also shows to Marie that her phone’s tapped. She warns Marie not to trust anyone although she wants to work with her to prevent Lucifer from having a hold of the world.


Role #19 : Miranda

Supporting, Female, 30 – 50 yrs

Miranda: She’s Michael’s elder sister and married to Tim with whom she has two children. When Michael leaves with the boys, he drops by her home and lies to her that he had to take the boys away because he feared Marie would hurt them as she had been behaving strange since they returned from Egypt. She and her husband believed him and without calling on Marie boarded her brother and his sons who left the next day. When Marie pays her a visit at her home, the truth is revealed that Michael lied. Miranda is confused as to what is happening but she tries to vindicate herself by telling her sister-in-law the destination her brother and nephews were head, Apollo’s Creek. Unfortunately they are not found there. She cannot understand why her brother would do such a thing and believes that he would return with his sons when he’s out of the phase he going through.


Role #20: Pamela Cain

Supporting, Female, 35 – 50 yrs

Pamela Cain: She’s a widowed neighbor of the Corlandts. She’s gossip as well as nosy and always has her nose in her neighbors’ affairs. Marie tries to avoid the gossip but however pays her a visit when she allegedly saw her at home when Marie paid a visit to Silas in Utah. After questioning Pamela, Marie realizes that she had visitors in her homes, one of which could shift into her image. However all her search for them brings no result until Pamela turns her attention to Abraham, her colleague who she spotted with the supernatural team. Pamela takes use of the misfortune of Marie and gives information to the press about what is happening with Marie. While she may be the nosy neighbor, she often provides relevant information.

Role #21 : Raphael

Supporting, Male, 20 – 30 yrs

Raphael: He’s a young man and the quiet assistant of Silas. Little is known about him and while he seems normal, there’s more to him. Raphael is not human and he’s the one who slips a cross into Marie’s coat when she visits Silas. His mission is not known but it as well as his identity will be revealed in time.


Role #22 : Rev. Timothy

Supporting, Male, 35 – 50 yrs

Rev. Timothy: He’s the only normal person in Marcatonio’s led team. He’s twenty-nine years old. The reverend is tall and thin. Timothy is never without his crucifix which he holds in his right hand and a Bible in his left. Although not a fighter, Timothy has a lot of knowledge on things which normal reverends do not know. He and Marcatonio are the spiritual experts of the team. Timothy is considered the calm one in the team as he would rather use diplomatic means than fight. This makes the others not to be a fan of him.


Role #23 : Senator Bright

Supporting, Male, 45 – 60 yrs

Senator Bright: He represents the Corlandt’s constituency in the Senate. He’s a politician who has cut the ties with the people who voted him into power. He’s a greedy man who plans on heightening his political career by staying away from scandal. Michael pays him a visit and with his powers is able to get him a visit to the president. Still under Michael’s manipulations, the bill for the United State to be a party to the one World Bank is drafted. The Senator is aware that Michael is being looked for but hides him in one of his homes while Michael finalizes the bill. He’s scared of what could happen to his ambitions if Michael is traced to his home. This annoys Michael who cannot wait to get rid of the senator who he sees as a coward and not worthy of his position.


Role #24 : Silas

Supporting, Male, 50 – 65 yrs

Silas: He’s an older man in his sixties. He’s a colleague of Andrew as well as an exorcist. He’s the one who tells Marie of Beelzebub and how he has to be the one used by Lucifer to manipulate her husband. He tells her that it is bigger than her and that she cannot defeat the demon alone. He also observes a little spiritual vibration from her but it is not strong enough. His departing words to her are to be prayerful.


Role #25 : A Television Reporter

Day Player, Female, 25 – 35 yrs

A female news reporter of about 28- years- old, wearing a beautiful white shirt, glasses and her hair was died black. She was wearing a necklace and her eyes are very wid. Her main mission is to report the economic news.


Role #26 : A Woman with the Cloak

Day Player, Female, 30 – 40 yrs

A woman who appears to be of 35 –years – old, she is wearing a dark cloak and appears to Michael Corlandt, the protagonist in another dream. From a far distance, the woman looked beautiful, her hair was very long and dark as well as smooth. But when the woman approaches from Michael, he can’t see her face clearly as it is blurred. But something weird scares him further. The woman’s voice resembles a manly voice. She laughs hilariously scaring Michael further. The woman was carrying a bag made of leather and flew away. Only her laughter was heard in the air after she left.


Role #27 : Customer

Day Player, Male, 30 – 50 yrs

Marie’s customer, middle aged- man with brown hair, blue eyes.


Role #28 : Marie’s assistant Natalie

Day Player, Female, 20 – 30 yrs

Natalie is Marie’s trusted assistant, 20- years – old; she is fun to talk to. She has red hair and is twenty three – years – old. Natalie is known for her fresh blood. She keeps changing her boyfriends ever few weeks. She had a pale dotted face; she is always taking good care of her hair and her fingernails. But she is cute and funny, she always makes jokes.


Role #29 : Michael Corlandt’s Grandmother

Day Player, Female, 65 – 80 yrs

The grandmother of the protagonist Michael Colorandt keeps, a lady of 80- years- old coming back to his memory. Her eyes are crystal blue with her gray long hair, golden ornaments and her glasses. She was used to sit into a chair by the side of a window. The chair is made of wicker and Michael’s grandmother puts her cushion which is not thick or too smooth on her chair. The sweet grandmother was always relating stories to her grandson Michael and kept teaching him lessons through her stories.


Role #30 : Ramses

Day Player, Male, 35 – 50 yrs

A well known Pharaoh, 40 – years- old, Egyptian king, Ramses claimed himself a god with the magic he was using and everyone in his nation believed in him. Ramses was a powerful Pharaoh who enjoyed a rich life. There was no one who could utter the word ‘no’ to him. As a pharaoh, he married a lot of women and had many slaves too. He never walked over his feet; his servants used to do everything for him even when it comes to his own clothes and needs. His period was known of economic progress and success.

Role #31 : Saadiya

Day Player, Female, 20 – 30 yrs

A 20 – years – old only daughter to the Sudanese man; Saadiya, a dark girl with two wide black eyes, wavy hair was playing one day with her mates when she got kidnapped. Saadiya was believed to be the most beautiful girl in her tribe. Many young men were wishing to marry her, but her father was always disagreeing and composing poems about the beauty of his only daughter. After she got kidnapped, Saadiya became a member of a king’s Haramlik. But it was said that she never met her father.


Role #32 : Tanoom

Day Player, Female, 20 – 30 yrs

Tanoom is an Egyptian dancer who doesn’t exceed 25 – years – old and who possesses a divine beauty; fascinated Michael with her face and dancing. Tanoom is characterized with her soft baby face that is beautiful and bright as the moon. Her eyes are wide and brown. Her nose is high and her hair is long and black. Tanoom keeps wearing a veil to hide her nose and she uses black pencil above her eyelids. Tanoom’s movements are smooth as she walks like a cat, she wears a long skirt, a short top and she keeps smiling gently like a mermaid.


Role #33 : The Egyptian young beggar

Day Player, Male, 10 – 15 yrs

A 10 – years – old boy working as a beggar; he wears rags, he doesn’t have shoes, his hair looks dirty like his hands and feet, but he keeps smiling as if he is happy. The beggar is one out of many beggars whose voice was silenced by their poor conditions.


Role #34 : The Lamb

Day Player, Male, 25 – 40 yrs

The lamb is a creature (half human half animal) Michael Colorandt has seen in his dreams that changed his life. The lamb wobbles on its legs. And for the first moment, it appears to be a fantastic and beautiful dream when the lamb unlocks the first seal. However, the lamb seems to have a meaning more than it looks. It is a sign for the start of a new life and a new phase. The sound of thunder announces that the appearance of an important event to the entire humanity.


Role #35 : The Man of the Nile

Day Player, Male, 30 – 40 yrs

A tough, tall and robust and powerful peasant of 35 – years – old; he lives near the Nile comes everyday to look for his daughter whom he lost in the Nile River. This peasant has never seen a good day throughout his entire life. When he was young, they obliged him to marry a woman he didn’t even know; the first time he saw her was in his wedding night. It was then when he discovered that her nose was cut and her ears too; when he protested, his wife told him that if he left her, she would commit suicide; it was better for her to come back to her parents. The man was good to his wife and she gave birth to a beautiful daughter, and then died immediately Bad luck accompanied the little girl from a young age and she ended up being offered a tribute to the Nile.


Role #36 : The Man with the two Black Dogs

Day Player, Male, 35 – 50 yrs

A 40 – years – old man with two black dogs is a slim man; his eyes are gray, but sad, his eyebrows are thick and wrinkles filled his face. He is a trader who used to live happily before his brothers started to plot against him. He marries a Jenniah and the man is holding two black dogs in his hands. The chains don’t seem to be very tightly wrapped around the dog’s necks. The eyes of the dogs are a little bit red, and as if there are tears in their eyes.


Role #37 : The Mermaid or the Jenniah

Day Player, Female, 25 – 35 yrs

She is a woman with green eyes, bright long hair who is originally a Jenniah; she has super powers and is the wife of the merchant whom Michael Colorandt saw in his dream and the one who cursed his brothers to become black dogs.


Role #38 : The Sudanese man Abu Saadiya

Day Player, Male, 40 – 60 yrs

Abu Saadiya, a Sudanese powerful man of around 50- years- old; his daughter was kidnapped and sold as a slave. The man was dark; Abu Saadiya was the hero of a story told by the grandmother of the protagonist. He was a hardworking and happy father who used to live happily with his family and his daughter Saadiya until one day that sweet daughter was kidnapped and sold as a slave. Abu Saadiya left his life and opted to live more like animals even in the way he was clothed. Abu Saadiya made his clothes from the skin of animals and made a long necklace that produces a musical sounds from the horns of animals. He was known for carrying a wooden stick wherever he went and for calling out his daughter’s name in a song he composed himself.


Role #39 : The huge Genie

Day Player, Male, 35 – 50 yrs

The Genie is an enormous creature whose eyes are red and his skin is blue. His height exceeds four meters. Michael Colorandt meets the genie right after meeting the horse rider in the desert. The huge creature has two long horns and carries a hammer in his hand and threatens to kill Michael Corlandt with it after accusing him of murdering his son.


Role #40 : The old Egyptian Fortune Teller

Day Player, Female, 40 – 55 yrs

A 50 – years – old lady, she is a kind of fortune teller who is old with her long gray hair. The woman’s clothes are unique. She wears a Sater robe that covers her entire body and ankles; it touches the ground as she stands. Despite her old age, the lady is extremely beautiful with her Tqatiah. And the basic colours in her dress are mainly the black the red, the maroon, the blue in addition to white and other colours. They call her the Bedouin.

Role #41 : The two Brothers Dogs

Day Player, Male, 20 – 35 yrs

Two brothers of a merchant, one of them is 25 – years – old, while the other is 28 – years – old. The two brothers envy their oldest brother for being lucky and they are always greedy and want their brother to give them everything they want. A curse transformed the brothers into two black dogs.


Role #42 : Tutankhamun

Day Player, Male, 25 – 35 yrs

A 32- years- old Egyptian pharaoh who ruled during the 18th dynasty, Tutankhamun was very well- known for his clever traits. Although he was young, he managed to rule and make his country one of the best well- known in trading, especially through the desert. Given his young age, the king was said to rule with a large number of powerful advisers who influenced all of his decisions including the diplomatic decisions.


Role #43 : Zeus

Day Player, Male, 50 – 65 yrs

Zeus: A divinity and the presiding deity of the entire universe, Zeus is known to be the ruler of the skies and also of the earth. He was considered by the Greeks as the god of all the natural phenomena over the sky. He is a kind of personification of the natural laws and also the ruler of the earth. He is the father of gods and men for the Egyptians. He had also helped to figure out the corpse of a lost divinity who had never been found before.


Role #44 : Young Girls enjoying playing on the Nile

Extra/Background, Female, 18 – 28 yrs

Young girls enjoying playing on the Nile(Extra character).

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