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No mercy for Angelina Jolie !!

No mercy for Angelina Jolie !!

Brangelina. It was the name given to the couple star. But since the month of September, Mr. And Mrs. Smith are pending divorce, creating a very intense media enthusiasm.


The emblematic Hollywood couple collapsed. For those who had known love during a shooting in 2005, the flame was extinguished.
At the origin of all this media hype around the Hollywood couple, an altercation between Brad and his son Maddox. This scene took place in a Paris-Los Angeles flight at the end of last summer. According to the actress, her husband physically and verbally assaulted their eldest son. This act may well have traumatized the little siblings. Angelina is not ready to forgive the father of her children. Lara Croft filed a divorce petition in mid-September. An investigation is being conducted by the FBI against Benjamin Button.

In September 2016, an agreement was reached between the two parties: Angelina has custody of the children. Brad has the right to visit, but only under the supervision of a third party. He must also carry out screening tests (suspected of taking drugs). Finally, a psychological follow-up was set up for the 8 members of the broken family. Laura Wassere, lawyer for the actress, won this first round. For his part, Brad, finds these conditions totally unfair. He does not want to evade these obligations, but does he really have a choice if he wants to see his children? At present, the actor can only visit 4 of them. Indeed, Maddox and Pax Thien refuse to see their father for a few weeks. If this is understandable for the elder, on the other hand it is less for his brother. Does he have anything to do with the incident on the plane? We do not know more at the moment.

Last month, the FBI report fell. A dispute would indeed have broken out over the Atlantic but not enough to make it a legal matter! We can assume that Bradley would simply have fulfilled his role as father. Some questions remain: What is the real source of all these conflicts? Would it be a mere pretext to remove the fiftieth anniversary of his life and his children
No answer is given to date. Like Christine Collins in L’Échange, Angelina Jolie is ready for anything for her children.

Revelations made by relatives of the mythical Tyler Durden of Fight Club claim the existence of audio recordings that “would merely dynamite the defense of Angelina Jolie”. For the moment, he kept them secret. The situation could then become execrable for everyone. Already the 6 children seem to be at the worst …
If he does not get his way with respect to the clauses of divorce and custody of his children, he might well disclose them …

It would seem that Angelina still needs some comfort. Failure not to resume his activities with Jenny Shimizu, rumors would talk about a relationship with Johnny Depp.

A common interest

In spite of all these friendliness that the two stars have launched for several months, a common interest remains: the humanitarian. They left together in Pakistan after the earthquake in the Kashmir region in 2005. They helped the population during Hurricane Katrina in 2006 in New Orleans. They even donate $ 3 million to three different humanitarian organizations working for Darfur. The US couple has created a foundation that supports humanitarian organizations around the world.

On July 31, 2005, the heroine of Tomb Raider is rewarded for her good works in Cambodia by local nationality. She obtains dual nationality and then becomes: American-Cambodian.

Announcements for the New Year

Despite all this, Angelina Jolie continues her life with her head held high. This year, the actress is announced to the cast of Malefic 2 in the title role: Maleficient. It would also be on display for the adaptation of the new police officer Crime of the Orient Express, written by Agatha Christie. The production will be directed by the famous Kenneth Branagh and produced by Ridley Scott.

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