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Mister Oscars are called Weinstein

Mister Oscars are called Weinstein

“When you dream alone, it’s just a dream. When we dream with other people, it is already reality.” This quote from Helder Camara should have been the catchphrase for the Weinstein brothers. They were raised together. They are passionate about cinema. They started from down the ladder and are now at the top. But the place that Harvey has in the cinema seems to largely surpass him today…


A climb up through obstacles

Both attracted by the video world, Harvey and his little brother Robert (or “Bob”) founded Miramax (an association of both names Miriam and Max, their parents) in the year 1970. At the very beginning, they filmed concerts. The best-known is surely Rock Show, the documentary about the 1976 North American tour of the Wings band in which the former Beatles member Paul McCartney was playing.

In 1982, the two brothers teamed up with Martin Lewis to work on two stages recording an Amnesty International concert. Their work is to combine the two films in one to allow projection in North America. The final film is called The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball and advertises well the new company. The company gained fame by distributing the documentary movie called The Thin Blue Line. As time goes by, the distribution company becomes famous with Sex, Lies and Videotape, among others.

But at the end of the 80s, Miramax had a hard blow on films for which it is the distributor. The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover by Peter Greenaway and Tie Me Up! by Pedro Almodóvar, were unable to broadcast worldwide due to their rating: X rating. Furious, Harvey Weinstein pressured the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America film rating system) to create a new note: the NC-17. Concretely, this does not change much but at least, movies are not considered pornographic. It is simply not recommended for people aged 17 and under. What? When we are called Weinstein, we must take advantage of it!

The reputation of the company continues to grow. From late 1992, they distributed the film Reservoir Dog by Tarantino. The same year, the movie The Crying Game was released in theaters and in view of the communication around it, the Walt Disney Company offered the Weinstein brothers $80 million for buying Miramax. The siblings agreed but retained management.

In 2005, they founded The Weinstein Company, after a spat with Disney. Indeed, the famous studio imposed financial caps on the brothers.

One way to do

The Weinstein brothers’ movies meet great success. With no fewer than 300 nominations and 86 Oscar prizes awarded during their career, they are in the cinema industry a pillar of production and distribution. It was them who put forward Jennifer Lawrence a few years ago, as well as The Artist and Shakespeare in Love …

They even gave an Oscar prize to Meryl Streep! Yes, because it must be said, with such importance, one can think that it is them who pull the strings of this great academy. Actually, if they could give me one too…

A dream from all directors, if Weinstein mingles with a film, it is likely to go far. On the other hand, hoping Bob does not get jealous, Harvey established his leadership.

Harvey Weinstein is also known for his outspokenness and for changing movie scenarios. He even says that 99% of the time, when he suggests scriptwriting changes, he does it quietly. But considering the character, I would not like to be part of the directors who belong to the 1% left…

Since 2010, it looks like the big producer is turning to youth and “new faces”. That’s how he collaborates with Jay-Z, shows his interest in Harry Styles and many others, and takes on stage Malia Obama. He trusts the young woman for all the scenarios in her business. What a faith!

Speaking of youth, Mr. Weinstein loves young women. With a Harvey’s constitution does not make him very attractive for a young lady in her twenties. But since 2015, he has been accused of 2 sexual assaults: on Rose McGowan (Charmed), as well as Ambra Battilana, a 22-year-old young model. Friend with Polanski, he thinks about the rape of the latter that “[it] is not a real crime”. Watch out, Malia…


What is good about him today is that he can change the rules of American cinema at a glance. Overpowering and despite everything that can be said against him, he has the power to stifle business…

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