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Milan, as Mason’s brother, inherited the « Ewing Way ». He is using his energy for two matters he cares about: cinema and the company established by his brother MASON EWING CORPORATION. Despite difficult past experiences, a promising future is awaiting him.


Given the fact that he has a true place within the Ewing clan, Milan’s fate has been changing over times. Before acting for cinema and TV, he faced obstacles. Always pushing to go further, go beyond his limits, he sometimes forgot to take care of his health. He even could have passed away if chance had not come to catch him while falling. Falls that he confesses provoking sometimes. Indeed, his lifestyle was not super healthy: a mix of hard work, drugs, alcohol… It was this way a couple of years ago.

Today, answering our questions, he talks about his tough past with a sense of maturity.

« By trying to reach beyond my limits, I sometimes collected the suffering I deserved»


Aged 19, he wanted to change his lifestyle by fulfilling one of his biggest dreams. He once applied online for a casting and got a good surprise by having the job. His brother Mason contacts him so he tries. He did not want to choose him because of family reasons, but rather for his abilities in the art world.

Cinema is an art that fascinates him more than the others. He thinks that it is the art that connects all the other arts within one; it is feeding itself from other arts. This is the media that affects the biggest number of persons in the world. His love for the latter is such that Milan is giving his life and energy for it.

« Cinema is one of my reasons for living »


Today, Milan is 21. In September, he will fly to Cameroon where he will act as Christopher in the movie COUP DE FOUDRE A YAOUNDE. A MASON EWING CORP production. He hopes this movie will make of him a star.

For the young man, travelling there is not only the chance to act in a movie. It is also the chance to accompany his brother for a travel back to their roots. He wishes to meet its inhabitants. He confesses that in Cameroon their arrival is awaited. It makes him happy and gives him energy for the next events.

Currently, he is shooting the horror movie PASSE TROUBLE. Back from Poland for this movie, Milan does not stay for long in France.

For the future, he also wants to invest in his brother Mason’s company. Which mission would it be? We do not know more so far.

About this family cohesion, the artistic way is important in the Ewings soul. Mason’s mom being a fashion stylist, her son is succeeding her by adding as well visual arts. His brother wishing to become an actor, there is no doubt that Ewing sons will be the next Mariah Carey, Steven Spielberg and other creative spirits.

By the way, Milan says about it that:

« In the family, not to mention our common backdrops, I think we all have original ideals and innovative artistic views»

Milan is waiting for the Oscar award without patience, but he knows that it will be possible only after hard work for long years. This is why he does everything to make it happen. He is modulating his body to enable more possibilities. Even though he knows many more steps await him, he has this extraordinary envy to move forward.

So, for now, he is only dreaming, but not only.

« I see myself in Hollywood working with the major movie makers. This is why I work endlessly.»


Soon you will be able to Google Milan on Google Search thanks to his new website !

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