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Michelle Obama: the day after

Michelle Obama: the day after

For eight years she was the wife of the 44th President of the United States. During this period, many things have changed. Now it’s time to do the assessment.

The great move, spring cleaning


It is with heads held high that the presidential couple leaves from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. Michelle knew she would not set foot in this big house again. Yet it was with conviction and sincerity that she and her husband supported the candidacy of Hillary Clinton against the giant Trump. A giant, to whom the Achilles heel was not found, only a few days ago took office in the oval office.

Very influential, Barack and Michelle Obama firmly opposed the businessman. The latter expressed at various meetings the negative axes of his policy. She also pointed to his excesses, his positions towards women, but all this with intelligence and style: not once did she mention the words “Donald Trump”. Unfortunately for her, her words were in vain and the billionaire eventually convinced the great voters.

An out of the ordinary relocation


For the second time in the great history of American Presidents a first family stays. The Obama clan is definitely staying in Washington and not exhaling to another city, time to forget all this sudden stress of the small decade. But it is not far from there that they move, in the neighborhoods of the city, the time that the youngest Natasha Sasha finishes her high school. For Malia Ann, the eldest, it’s a different story. For the 2017 school year, she is enrolled in the modest Harvard School, as Dad and Mom. Is there a piston? Simple supposition…
Once the youngest finishes high school, one can only speculate on the future projects of the couple. Why not the big cities like New York for more anonymity (the diction would say it is easier for a camel to go through the hole of a needle than an Obama to go unnoticed). Or maybe Chicago, where Michelle spent the light of her life just like her husband? Why not Hawaii? Birthplace of her husband … Some would even say that Barack would resume school, as a professor, of course! We must say that he has a range of knowledge in politics, the bugger.



The following events

For the woman who made humanitarian commitments in 2008, we may think she will continue to defend her causes. We recall that she has rescued the victims of Haiti in 2010 and launched the campaign Let’s Move the same year to fight against obesity. She also made a commitment to military families and in 2015 encouraged high school students to continue their studies. Hopefully these companies were not only there to make her a perfect “First Lady”, but to persist in time. In view of her mannerisms, I do not think her statements were in vain.
It would also be fun to see Michelle Obama become an actress. And why not? She made 5 appearances on TV on shows such as NCIS. Even if she was constantly playing her own role, does she have hidden talents as an actress?
Or, faithful to herself by resuming her activities in law.

Being elected the most powerful woman in the world in 2010 and tenth in the same ranking 5 years later by Forbes magazine, the destiny of this great lady certainly did not reach its end…

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