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Mason Ewing, the blind stylist

Mason Ewing, the blind stylist

Started from nothing 15 years ago, the first stylist-designer blind, built his empire that grows day by day.

Record. This is the thing that Mason Ewing, stylist-designer and now film producer, promised to spray. Beginning in 2001 at the age of 19, the young blind person was on the street with only wealth, his friends and his dream: to realize that of his mother by becoming a stylist.
15 years later, the 34-year-old American-Cameroonian is proud to head a company called Mason Ewing Corporation.

On April 9, 2015, he announced publicly during his parade that he would delegate some of his styling power to the young talent of the thread and the needle: Leo Finally. Having fulfilled the dream of his late mother Marie, he wants to concentrate on his first dream: cinema by becoming a producer.
But it does not mean that he drops silk and lace, since 7 months later, he returns with other dresses of the style Marie Antoinette at a charity gala for his association Sos Madison International On George V Avenue.

On March 3, 2016, he packed his suitcase and set off on a six-month journey to Canada for the sole purpose of establishing a subsidiary and organizing his production. He will then produce the first feature film Orishas evoking the African myths of the Yoruba culture. Between the beginning of May and September, he realizes the first teaser of his horror film Elie Grimm: The Cursed Child. The one who made a jury at the Pan-African Festival of Cannes in 2007, then returned to France. The opportunity for him to organize his second feature film Coup de Foudre in Yaoundé that he will tour mostly in Cameroon. Although he was born there, he was never able to return. He even plans to organize a fashion show at the Hilton Hotel in Yaoundé.

Coup de Foudre in Yaoundé is the story of 3 friends who leave for the holidays to join Romain, the brother of one of them. They are one day invited to a private party where they meet the young Rose Young, the biggest black mannequin in the world. Humor and love passion will mingle. Who will conquer the heart of the beautiful top model?

After his film ended and his parade completed, directed the USA in April 2017, where he has chosen domicile since 2011. He will be able to resume his favorite projects. Eryna Bella, Two Plus Three, Elie Grimm, … are all audiovisual projects that will make talk about them and production in 2017. Friends of cinema, stay connected to your screens! The rising production will evolve more and more.

For now, the CEO of the company and its affiliates has offered beautiful Christmas gifts to those who were on the alert. He put a brushstroke on his online sale and here it is like new, ready to welcome new customers to buy the first tee-shirts with braille!

Mason Ewing will also surprise us in his autobiography Les Eeux Du Destin. All the revelations about his past and his future are in exclusivity in this book.

2016 served as a firing range for the Mason Ewing Corp. rocket. Flies into the sky to reach the stars of Hollywood.

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