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Lily-Rose Depp: Mom is Chanel and Dad will be the golden statuette

Lily-Rose Depp: Mom is Chanel and Dad will be the golden statuette

After Johnny Depp (her father) and French singer Vanessa Paradis (her mother), the blood of artistic talent also flows through her veins. Aged only 17, the very young Lily-Rose Depp gets her first awards.


Early stage of her career

The early stage of the young actress was a little less modest than that of her parents. Indeed, she obtained (or was offered) her first role at the age of 15. She has been acting in the True North trilogy since 2014 as Colleen Colette. Not only does she start high up so young but additionally in a trilogy. And as if all the elements of success were not all met, the director is the great Kevin Smith (to whom we owe Clerks and Dogma).

But the year 2014 was only an appetize because two years later, in 2016, three films in which she acts are released in movie theatres. There is the second opus of the trilogy and then The Dancer in the title role of the great Isadora Duncan directed by Stéphanie Di Giusto but also Planetarium by Rebecca Zlotowski.

A really surprising start. One would even think that Daddy is helping out. What? Johnny is kind to his daughter J.

The dancer and her first stars

This year, if we hear so much about her, it is because of the movie The Dancer. And she’s not surrounded by anyone! Nathalie Portman is acting in it as well. The role she takes on is a great responsibility when you know she embodies the lovely Isadora Duncan. This is certainly a very rigorous role. Who knows how to dance as well as Duncan? No doubt, even if we are the daughter of an ex-model of Chanel and Edward Scissorshands, the work is not innate and success requires work.

For this feature movie, the young actress will surely be dressed in sumptuous dresses at the image of the dancer.

A life worth of a star

Still underage, she had a life like her parents already. In 2015, she becomes the face of luxury brand Chanel. It is a hereditary gene because her mother was before her from 1991 to 2015.  It seems that the fashion house cannot do without this family.

And like many stars, she does not do things halfway when it comes to the realm of love. Since 2015, she has opened her heart to the beautiful model Ash Stymest. One wonders who is the luckiest in that story … But the couples of stars never last long…  when will they break up? Who will cheat on the other first? Or are they Hollywood’s future iconic couple?

Recently dressed by Karl Lagerfeld in a pink wedding dress, Lily-Rose made headlines. A big marketing shot for both sides. To walk under the eye of the great fashion designer is still an unforgettable and rare moment in a life…

But to achieve all this, she had to try hard to be more pretty. She is not a perfect beauty, but she can afford talented makeup artists to give her a look of a perfect young actress. Concerned about weight problems (surely nonexistent), she had a few years ago anorexia that she was able to cope with. Luckily for her. She can now carry a message to all teenagers.

What are the future successes expecting the young star? You won’t be surprised if you see her in a few years on the poster of a… Tim Burton movie??


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