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Jackie Chan, the man with a thousand fractures

Jackie Chan, the man with a thousand fractures

The first was awarded to Charlie Chaplin in 1929. The Oscar of Honor has recently been awarded to the best-known Hong Kong actress: Jackie Chan.

In the meantime, on 26 February, an Oscars ceremony was held on 12 November in Los Angeles, rewarding the actor-producer-scriptwriter-stuntman-songwriter Jackie Chan for his entire career. And yet at the beginning, nothing predisposed him to the cinema.

Born on April 7, 1954 after 12 months of gestation, he is the son of Charles and Lee-Lee Chan who both worked at the French Embassy in China, he was enrolled in primary school. After failing, the household moved and Jackie was enrolled at the Academy of Chinese Theater. He was a student with Yu Jim Yuen. To work 18 hours a day, he learns acrobatics and martial arts mainly. The master’s beatings fell on the young actors as frequently as the number of times that Kim Kardashian’s gaze meets a mirror in a single day. He remained there from 1961 to 1971.

At the age of 8, the young Chan Kong-Sang plays for the first time in the film: Big and Little Wong Tin Bar in 1962. It is the beginning of a series of 130 films in which he still plays today. 15 years later, he made his first film: The 36 Avengers of Shaolin released in 1977. Becoming little by little a key element of Chinese cinema, he chained prices.

It was then that in the 90’s, he received a film proposal from the famous Sylvester Stallone. He declines it. He does not want to be categorized in a role type and does not want to be blocked for the rest of his career.
It is in 1995, that it breaks into the American market. The film Jackie Chan in the Bronx is a success and yet at the time, a film with headlined a Hong Kong actor was less likely to walk. He then chained with Police Story 3: Supercop in 1992 and generates $ 16,270,600 in revenue.

He says his talent to the Americans in Ruch Hour with Chris Tucker. This film made him a star in Hollywood in 1998, generating $ 130 million in revenue only in the United States. Since then, his international notoriety never ceases to grow with Karate Kid in 2009, or San Siu Lam Zi in 2012 among others.
For those who use the martial arts enormously in their films, it realizes all its cascades, giving it many fractures. He then obtained the sarcastic nickname of “Man with a thousand fractures”.

November 12, 2016 Jackie Chan arrives at the height of his career by receiving the Academy Award for his entire career. It is a well deserved reward for the figure of the ridiculous cop he incarnated so often.

The Hong Kong does not intend to stop there. With 5 projects scheduled only in 2017 (The Lego Ninjago Movie, Sensei Wu, The Nut Job 2, Mr. Feng, Bleeding Steel and The Foreigner) the Bruce Lee of modern times still has something to surprise us.

And of course, a star stays true to herself! What would it be without humanity? Since 1988, he has been making repeated donations to help young people out of poverty. In 2004, he became UNICEF’s international ambassador, helping victims of natural disasters, fighting against cruelty to animals and fighting for the environment. In 2005, he created his Heart of Dragon Foundation, which provides equipment and infrastructure for Chinese children and elderly.

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