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Hey Satya, what’s up ?

Hey Satya, what’s up ?

Satya Oblette (or Oblet, according to preference) has been an intuitive figure of fashion in the 90s. For some years, he has been nowhere to be seen in the media. Aged 41, no one would believe that he is forgotten. And yet, the decade 2010 was sparkling.


Some disclosure

In 2014, Satya Oblet is exposed. The great Indian wrote an autobiographical book telling the worst as the best moments of his life. In A Life in Thousand Pieces, he first tells about the discovery of his biological family. He now knows that his father was killed. It was then that he declared: “[My biological mother] did not know who the father of her child was: her husband or her lover… At 28, I had just understood that my biological father could be a murderer or a victim whose body had atrociously been mutilated.”

So it is a traumatic past that Satya does not remember. Subsequently, he was raised by a couple of French teachers and the rest is known.

This book is also about his paternity. Father of Julien, a son he had in his twenties with his nanny. Especially since the relations with him are ambiguous. In 2015, the magazine here put forward that the two men have not seen each other for 1 year and a half. Let’s hope with all our hearts that Satya is seeing his son again…

Do not forget to read the book “Une Vie en Mille Morceaux” at the Editions Fayard Publishing House! He also explains how he was spotted by Gaultier, his transition to reality television, his humanitarian spirit…


Satya Oblet, the return

But it is after this book that Satya made his comeback to the spotlight. Oh yes! Approaching forty, the model leaves us little by little and returns in a certain form of shadow. We must revive the journalistic pen!

One year after the release of his book, it is a new publicity stunt that he offered himself. The announcement of his wedding with charming Julia Tholstrup inspired journalists from major presses such as Pure People.

He also speaks of his noble humanitarian commitments. Among others, we can mention Alzheimer’s (he supports “Words for Alzheimer’s”) or his support to disadvantaged children around the world through the association “A Child By the Hand”. He joined the latter in 2012.

Let us believe him, his heavy past developed in him a soul more human than many stars. Having such a course is traumatic for some. He was able to face it and turn to the world.

He will soon be a member of the jury of two major competitions: Miss Caribbean Hibiscus (alongside Mason Ewing among others) and Belgium Top Model on December 18th (alongside Pamela Anderson and Adriana Karembeu).

It is a new beginning for the Indian ephebe. In a few years, will we see him in the casting of a film? Or maybe it’s already done? See you soon for new adventures 😉

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