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Coup de Foudre à Yaoundé: the actor who will play Romain has been found

Coup de Foudre à Yaoundé: the actor who will play Romain has been found

The roll of Romain Martel was the last major roll to be filled since the launch of the casting call. After Milan Ewing (Christopher), Baba Wild (Martin) and Jessy Sartori (Jessy), it’s now up to Jean-Rémy Martinez “JR” to join the team. Shortly, he will leave with the team for the filming of the romantic feature film.

At six feet tall, brown hair and blue eyes, Jean-Rémy will play the role of Romain Martel, Christopher’s older brother. In the film he plays a young adult who gets a position as a young executive for a Cameroonian business. After a year in his new job, the action begins when he invites his brother and their two best friends, brothers Jessy and Martin Grou to join him. The four of them then meet a beautiful model named Rose Young, a girl who will break the hearts of the four boys.

In real life, JR has multiple degrees: a business major, a major in marketing, but also in drama and film. If he was 50 older he’d be the real Jock Ewing! Two big blue eyes at times behind glasses but always looking forward to achieving his dreams. The young actor is also a model. In 2013, he appeared in a commercial for the French brand of cookies LU, and he has broadcasted on Youtube for a year. More recently, he posed in a photo and webcast for the Rumanian clothing brand Valentino. As far as acting, he had his first acting experiences at school. The character of Romain in Coup de Foudre à Yaoundé is therefore his first major role.

Initially, Jean-Rémy wasn’t set for a job in the arts. Although he had a few modeling experiences, he chose the path of business marketing and got three degrees in just three years. It is therefore not surprising that the role of a young executive was offered to him. Little by little everything clicked after meeting with various artists. An artistic spirit has been in the family with his big sister working in Parisian cinema. Since his years at drama schools, his preference is much more for the movie sets than behind the curtains of the theater. He was won over by the teaching method at Actor’s Studio described by Constantin Stanivlavski. It’s a teaching based on the emotional memory of the actor.

« It’s allowing me to be effective (more and more every day) in the approach, in the construction and the interpretation of the characters I’ve had to play for one year now.”

In life, JR is passionate about drama, sports and of course cinema, passion also shared with his best friend. By the way, it’s this art that is creating a big bond between the two. Like many young movie fans his age, among his favorites directors are Quentin Tarantino and Tim Burton.

As a means to his ends, work is not an obstacle for Jean-Rémy. On the contrary. He is ready to work tirelessly to develop himself. He wishes to become one better actor and the have the ability to play any character. Already today, letting go of tears is not a big deal, where the stakes are high for others. Besides, a rapper’s quotation describes him well : “There only when I’m the first, that I’m in the right place”. Regarding his character for Coup de Foudre à Yaoundé, will he know how to seduce the beautiful Rose?

« […] I always want to evolve, always go further or higher and I’m constantly trying to discover and learn. I’m curious about everything and above all, I’m working tirelessly”.

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