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Coup de Foudre à Yaoundé: the actor who will play Romain has been found

The roll of Romain Martel was the last major roll to be filled since the launch of the casting call. After Milan Ewing (Christopher), Baba Wild (Martin) and Jessy Sartori (Jessy), it’s now up to Jean-Rémy Martinez “JR” to join the team. Shortly, he will leave with the team for the filming of the romantic feature film. At six feet tall, brown hair and blue eyes, Jean-Rémy will play the role of Romain Martel, Christopher’s older brother. In the film he plays a young adult who gets a position as a young executive for a Cameroonian business. After a...

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Milan, as Mason’s brother, inherited the « Ewing Way ». He is using his energy for two matters he cares about: cinema and the company established by his brother MASON EWING CORPORATION. Despite difficult past experiences, a promising future is awaiting him.   Given the fact that he has a true place within the Ewing clan, Milan’s fate has been changing over times. Before acting for cinema and TV, he faced obstacles. Always pushing to go further, go beyond his limits, he sometimes forgot to take care of his health. He even could have passed away if chance had not come...

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Portrait of the month : Kosh Himal : a full-fledged stylist

As a style designer, Kosh Himal is known in Sri Lanka for dressing celebrities and beauty pageants’ Misses. Let’s meet this stylist who holds different functions at the same time.     KIMY GLOSS : For how long are you working as a stylist ?   Kosh Himal : I have been doing this job for the past 5 1/2 years, as a designer and a model scout.     KIMY GLOSS : Why did you want to be a fashion designer ?   Kosh Himal : It was my dream to be a designer ever since I was a kid...

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Portrait of the month : Julien Thuret, a composer with multiple skills.

Since his 14 years of age, Julien Thuret is a composer for the audiovisual sphere. At 37, piano, guitar and percussion have no more secrets for him. The beginnings, the inspirations   Julien Thuret is now 37, married and a happy father of 2 children. Born in a modest family of 4 children, it was on a synthesizer bought by his father and then a church harmonium that at the age of 14 he composed his first pieces. With the growth of his passion, he learned the guitar, drums and other percussions without forgetting the violin which he self-taught....

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Portrait of the month : Zaahirah Atchia, jurist and businesswoman

Portrait of the month : Our journalist from KIMY GLOSS went to Canada to introduce you to an exceptional young woman with an ambitious temperament. 921%. It’s the financial progress as of August 31, 2016 for Radio ChoqFM105.1. With $ 5377 deficit 12 months earlier, the radio station now posts $ 44,183 in profit. At the root of these figures: Zaahirah Atchia, a 30-year-old Mauritian girl originally settled in Toronto for her studies. Before the radio : Married to an engineer, Zaahirah Atchia was born in the Republic of Mauritius in 1986. She is skilled in the use of...

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