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Coup de Foudre à Yaoundé: the actor who will play Romain has been found

The roll of Romain Martel was the last major roll to be filled since the launch of the casting call. After Milan Ewing (Christopher), Baba Wild (Martin) and Jessy Sartori (Jessy), it’s now up to Jean-Rémy Martinez “JR” to join the team. Shortly, he will leave with the team for the filming of the romantic feature film. At six feet tall, brown hair and blue eyes, Jean-Rémy will play the role of Romain Martel, Christopher’s older brother. In the film he plays a young adult who gets a position as a young executive for a Cameroonian business. After a...

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Milan, as Mason’s brother, inherited the « Ewing Way ». He is using his energy for two matters he cares about: cinema and the company established by his brother MASON EWING CORPORATION. Despite difficult past experiences, a promising future is awaiting him.   Given the fact that he has a true place within the Ewing clan, Milan’s fate has been changing over times. Before acting for cinema and TV, he faced obstacles. Always pushing to go further, go beyond his limits, he sometimes forgot to take care of his health. He even could have passed away if chance had not come...

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The new face of Celine Dion’s “René”

On 14 January 2016, René Angelil passed away after a throat cancer in Sin City. His wife’s love for two decades was immeasurable; A love that will go down in the history of the artistic world. Despite her loyalty to her late husband, who could be the contenders for the Canadian diva? From poutine to Saudi Sauce $360 million dollar worth. This is the price of a possible gift from Saudi prince Abibi to the Canadian star in 2013. The item? A modest diamond found in Cairo. The price of the singer’s heart? Even though she seems to remain...

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Aslouk, an ambitious rap artist

One never knows what tomorrow brings. Lucas Berjot (stage name Aslouk) is a perfect example with his encounter with Mason Ewing. Yesterday he was cooking in a hospital, tomorrow he will rap with great names of the music industry.   Unusual Beginnings   Originally from the Melian region, at only 13, the young Aslouk began writing his own texts. It may sound young but 13 years is the age of carelessness, innocence, but also creativity and stance. The beginning of the famous “teenage crisis”.   Today, at the time of modern rap and the death of conscious rap (rap...

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30 years for singer Tracy Chapman

Aged 52, “Black Dylan” (as a reference to Bob Dylan for her style) is discrete since her last compilation released in 2015. What is she preparing for us in the upcoming years?   Peak of her career With only 8 albums and 2 compilations released, Tracy Chapman has already sold more than 40 million copies worldwide. From her first album that Tracy Chapman released on 5 April 1988, her success has been resounding. She received 2 Grammy Awards for the album and 1 for her song Fast Car in 1989. Moreover, for this first work, she got 6 times...

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