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Category: Couture

Tom Ford between “porno chic” and cinema

He has not always dreamed of working in the textile industry. At first, he wanted to be an actor. But after some contingency, he changed direction and climbed into the world of fashion.   In 1990, the famous fashion house Gucci was in decline and bankruptcy was fast approaching. But it was without counting on Mr. Thomas Carlyle Ford. Spotted for his creativity, he joined the famous industry that same year. It is at this moment that a brilliant idea crossed his mind. In order to refurbish the aging designs of society, he innovated by making the style “porno...

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What is Armani’s secret code ?

The eagle of Armani always flies higher in the sky of high fashion. At the age of 82, the feathers are not ready to fall from the multidisciplinary animal. The flight of the Black Eagle …   It was in 1957 after his military service that Giorgio Armani made his debut in the world of fashion. And like any great fashion designer who respects himself, he began at the very bottom of the ladder. Yes, really all the way down. He was hired as a window dresser in the department store La Rinascente. Four years later, he obtained a...

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