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Blanche Bana: Expansion of the African cinema

Almost 90 years ago, the American cinema was dominating the world and Bollywood’s fame was emerging. In the 1990s, Westerners then discovered Asian actors with their visual art. But it is only around 2010 that African cinema finally went “out its nest” and is now ranked 3rd in the world. But what exactly do we know about this cinema? Could you quote at least four of their movies? We have interviewed Blanche Bana, a Cameroonian actress.   Promising beginnings Third out of a family comprised of four children, she had a happy childhood. It is probably from that time...

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What happened to Danny Pintauro?

What happened to Danny Pintauro, the actor who acted kid Jonathan Boyer in the Who’s The Boss series? In recent years, very damning news has come to us from Los Angeles. Here is an update on the new life of Danny John Pintauro.   After Who’s The Boss? He was acclaimed by the media and the viewers. He was so cute on screen with his little blonde head! The little brother of Alyssa Milano has in any case taken advantage from his youth, from the 196 episodes of the famous series as well as three roles in other television...

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What is left of Jan-Michael Vincent, the seductive wolf from the Airwolf series?

He is famous for his role in Airwolf, The Mechanic and Big Wednesday. What happened to the handsome young man from the 80s?   A promising beginning Spotted by Dick Clayton during his youth (former James Dean’s agent), Jan-Michael Vincent was making all girls’ and boys’ heads spin. Tall, fair-haired, muscular and with good acting skills, he had the perfect face for a Young leading man. In 1967, when he was 23, he was filming for the first time in two feature films, and the same year, he played a role in the TV series Dragnet. The following year,...

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Thomas Gibson: The Undertones of a Strange Dismissal

Thomas Gibson- the actor who played Hotch in Criminal Minds was thrown out. Back to this strange and suspicious case. A false argument ?   Hotch is the nickname given to the head profiler Aaron Hotchner. He was one of the supportive pillars of the series. After 12 seasons of filming, 11 years incarnating the role, he has become a figure impossible to circumvent. With his cold, strict face he has impressed more than one.   Officially, the reason for his departure was simple: after having hit the producer and screenwriter Virgil Williams in his box, it is normal that...

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No mercy for Angelina Jolie !!

Brangelina. It was the name given to the couple star. But since the month of September, Mr. And Mrs. Smith are pending divorce, creating a very intense media enthusiasm.   The emblematic Hollywood couple collapsed. For those who had known love during a shooting in 2005, the flame was extinguished. At the origin of all this media hype around the Hollywood couple, an altercation between Brad and his son Maddox. This scene took place in a Paris-Los Angeles flight at the end of last summer. According to the actress, her husband physically and verbally assaulted their eldest son. This...

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