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Deadline :

March, 32 2017

Type :

TV Series


Paid. $15,000 – $25,000 per episode


Los Angeles, California, United States

Synopsis :

 “Only Human” is an upcoming American Supernatural TV series, which currently being pitched to different networks. It was created by Alex Hale, who stars at the main male character. The show features Supernatural creatures such as Vampires and Demons, it’ll also feature aliens. “What Would You Do If You Were the Only Human in a Town Full of Supernatural Creatures?”

Open Roles

Role #1 : Carrie Alexander

Lead, Female

Carrie Alexander – Human, 17 year old human from Australia, her dad got promoted to become a police officer in a small town of ‘ISLA, Vermont’, she soon becomes friends with Charlie Whitehall and April Winter. She is the main character in the TV Series.


Role #2 : James Alexander

Lead, Male

Police Officer per day, Hunter by Night. The father of Carrie Alexander. He believes in killing the entire Supernatural clan, including the aliens. He is the main antagonist of Season 1.


Role #3 : Andrea Williams

Supporting, Female

Ghost, was killed in a battle, that hit Isla in 1875, Her killer was never found, nor did she ever get any justice. She is not allowed to leave Earth until her soul has found some kind of peace.

Role #4 : Annabelle Monroe

Supporting, Female

Annabelle, a witch. She has failed her most of her spells. Her most infamous spell breaker was making one of her friends a Zombie, and killed almost all the Fairy race.


Role #5 : April Winters

Supporting, Female

Angel, Finding out there was a chance that the demons and devils were going to come from Hell. April was chosen to be the savior from Heaven. When she moved to Isla, she felt out of place until she met Charlie Whitehall.


Role #6 : Chris Richardson

Supporting, Male

Zombie, died in 2005, Annabelle did a spell to bring him back, but unfortunately, she ended up making a mistake and left him as undead human, aka a Zombie. He tries his hardest not to eat anybody, but finds it hard during nighttime.


Role #7 : Cory Adams

Supporting, Male

Werewolf, the main anti-hero of the group, he has a deep love/hate for Danielle Ford, and guards her house for most of the night — making sure she can never leave, but always fails to do so.


Role #8 : Danielle Ford

Supporting, Female

Vampire, is the only known vampire in Isla, She cannot leave her house unless it’s dark. If she goes out in daylight, she will burn. She’s a traditional vampire who can be harmed with garlic, can’t look through a mirror.

Role #9 : Garth Chambers

Supporting, Male

Skin-walker, can change his appearance to any animal. He usally keeps Cory company when he turns to a werewolf. He would protect his best friend with his life, and has a few times.


Role #10: Jesse Harris

Supporting, Male

Demon, One of the villains who has come first. He tries to make himself seem like he’s a good guy by hanging out with the ‘good guys’ but is currently waiting for his army to come forward.


Role #11 : Roxanne Turner

Supporting, Female

Fairy, During a witch trial by Annabelle Monroe, she ended up bringing the fairies forward, but only two survived. The one is currently missing, and Roxanne is making it her mission to find her.


Role #12 : Victoria Marks

Supporting, Female

Victoria Marks – Mermaid, from the Atlantic ocean. She moved to closer to Isla when she found out that they’re were planning to destroy the local beach.


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