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Blanche Bana: Expansion of the African cinema

Blanche Bana: Expansion of the African cinema

Almost 90 years ago, the American cinema was dominating the world and Bollywood’s fame was emerging. In the 1990s, Westerners then discovered Asian actors with their visual art. But it is only around 2010 that African cinema finally went “out its nest” and is now ranked 3rd in the world. But what exactly do we know about this cinema? Could you quote at least four of their movies? We have interviewed Blanche Bana, a Cameroonian actress.


Promising beginnings

Third out of a family comprised of four children, she had a happy childhood. It is probably from that time that she has such a good character under any circumstance. She developed her creative spirit and is never left alone doing nothing. This creative spirit actually brought her later to the positive slope toward the top. What is awesome, or rather special, is that she never really met any obstacle in the art industry. Even though life can be tough to her, she takes always only the best to improve, to become better. Anyway, life is only a continued learning experience.

« I have actually never really encountered any hardship simply because I do not experience them as such, but rather as a way for me to learn and to be able to predict potential risks »


Cinema and more generally art is a vital field for her. It is her lungs. It is what feeds passion in her. A passion that took her quickly under the spotlight as in 2012 she managed to reach the top. From simple advertising commercials to long videos, she is much requested by numerous Cameroonian professional people. Among them, director Brice Numkam gave her the main role in Le Colis 2: Cercle Infernal for which she received the best actress award at the Festival Écrans Noirs in 2015. In 2016, she acted in Immersion, a trilogy of short-movies by director Frank Olivier Ndema. She was acting as agent Abegan, alongside Paul Stevek. The trilogy generated a vivid debate at the Festival Film Klub.

But this 2015 award did not make her carry away. Indeed, for further professional development, she decided to get extra education in prestigious African cinema schools such as the Institut Supérieur de Formation aux Métiers du Cinéma et de L’audiovisuel de L’Afrique Centrale (ISAAC) and the Cameroon Acting School.  Simultaneously, she was interning in various places.


The future

To ensure continuity in her young actress career, Blanche Bana wishes to expand her talents and try other cinema occupations. Not long ago, she tried to be a screenwriter and a producer for her series Melting Pot. Its release is expected on African screens in 2018.

Let us wish her all the best for this project!

In December 2017, she will act as Marie Young in the French-Cameroonian long movie called Coup de Foudre à Yaoundé. Produced by Mason Ewing, the movie is aiming at breaking prejudices on Africa that we have as Westerners.

Passion is helping Blanche Bana to keep having so much energy on all these projects. She has this much of energy so that she gives energy to every single project she takes part in.

In the upcoming years, Blanche Bana could reach the top, she has the potential for it. But now, it is up to us, Westerners, to give her a chance in the international capital city of cinema: Hollywood. Because, according to her, young Cameroonian artists only need some support. Cinema there is very promising.

« Cameroonian cinema has a huge potential. Local actors only need to be supported by extra education courses for some and movie projects for others »

You can find all Blanche Bana’s news:

Twitter : @banablanche

Facebook : Blanche Banaoffishal


Cameroonian movies are really poorly known to us. Artists Jean-Paul Ngassa, Jean-Pierre Bekolo and Jean-Marie Téno, for example, are extremely talented. Blanche is part of this new generation of Cameroonian cinema such as Joséphine Ndagnou. A generation full of hope for the upcoming projects…

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