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Author: Kimy

Blanche Bana: Expansion of the African cinema

Almost 90 years ago, the American cinema was dominating the world and Bollywood’s fame was emerging. In the 1990s, Westerners then discovered Asian actors with their visual art. But it is only around 2010 that African cinema finally went “out its nest” and is now ranked 3rd in the world. But what exactly do we know about this cinema? Could you quote at least four of their movies? We have interviewed Blanche Bana, a Cameroonian actress.   Promising beginnings Third out of a family comprised of four children, she had a happy childhood. It is probably from that time...

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Milan, as Mason’s brother, inherited the « Ewing Way ». He is using his energy for two matters he cares about: cinema and the company established by his brother MASON EWING CORPORATION. Despite difficult past experiences, a promising future is awaiting him.   Given the fact that he has a true place within the Ewing clan, Milan’s fate has been changing over times. Before acting for cinema and TV, he faced obstacles. Always pushing to go further, go beyond his limits, he sometimes forgot to take care of his health. He even could have passed away if chance had not come...

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Hey Satya, what’s up ?

Satya Oblette (or Oblet, according to preference) has been an intuitive figure of fashion in the 90s. For some years, he has been nowhere to be seen in the media. Aged 41, no one would believe that he is forgotten. And yet, the decade 2010 was sparkling.   Some disclosure In 2014, Satya Oblet is exposed. The great Indian wrote an autobiographical book telling the worst as the best moments of his life. In A Life in Thousand Pieces, he first tells about the discovery of his biological family. He now knows that his father was killed. It was...

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What happened to Danny Pintauro?

What happened to Danny Pintauro, the actor who acted kid Jonathan Boyer in the Who’s The Boss series? In recent years, very damning news has come to us from Los Angeles. Here is an update on the new life of Danny John Pintauro.   After Who’s The Boss? He was acclaimed by the media and the viewers. He was so cute on screen with his little blonde head! The little brother of Alyssa Milano has in any case taken advantage from his youth, from the 196 episodes of the famous series as well as three roles in other television...

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Leo Finally, the future Mason Ewing

Leo Finally is the name of the young future chief stylist of the brand MASON EWING. Mason Ewing, founder and stylist, will train himself in a few years more in the world of cinema. But for Leo, it’s not a problem. This challenge does not scare him, quite the contrary…   Kimy Gloss: How old were you when you started having interest in fashion and why?   Leo Finally : To tell the truth, since I was very young, I always enjoyed manipulating textile, making small handkerchiefs or small bags. It was when I was 16 that it became a...

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