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Aslouk, an ambitious rap artist

Aslouk, an ambitious rap artist

One never knows what tomorrow brings. Lucas Berjot (stage name Aslouk) is a perfect example with his encounter with Mason Ewing. Yesterday he was cooking in a hospital, tomorrow he will rap with great names of the music industry.


Unusual Beginnings


Originally from the Melian region, at only 13, the young Aslouk began writing his own texts. It may sound young but 13 years is the age of carelessness, innocence, but also creativity and stance. The beginning of the famous “teenage crisis”.


Today, at the time of modern rap and the death of conscious rap (rap music with messages), he has a lot to say. He adopts the style of the “Old School”, a denouncing style, recorded with instruments and not by computer. Unlike commercial rap artists singing brainless texts such as Maître Gims, PNL, SCH and others, he denounces:

“… Mostly, there is not really any message conveyed through the current  rap style wave and I think that’s what’s killing rap, if it’s not already done. “

In the text, he writes about his past, his experiences, his inspirations and references among others. Here is what might be a sort of escape from a tormented past. Indeed, the death of his father has greatly affected him and his family. It is clear that it is more beneficial to evacuate his tears on paper rather than by violence.


In addition to his texts, he also studies. He got a professional degree in masonry and cooking. Currently cooking at a hospital, luck is finally turning for him at 19. 2017 is a year that will mark a turning point in his rap artist career.



An unexpected encounter


Constantly writing texts, one of his friends tells him about Mason Ewing, an American producer then passing through France. It is then that he makes contact with the latter who decides to give him a chance by producing his first album. The first CD of the young rap artist is called “Première Entaille”, in which he invests his best texts. The title was given in reference to his experience, the loss of his father. It is therefore an album dedicated to both his parents. But later, he wants to talk about others, support causes and fights.


For his debut album, Mason introduced him to famous names of French music such as Alibi Montana (Loin Des Yeux, Loin Du Cœur) on radio RSTF93 where he presents the chronicle “Entre Nous”. His sponsor and producer, Mason Ewing, then presented Aslouk to producer Dany Brown for studio work. He joined his album with the Toronto-based radio ChoqFM. He even got the support of Serge Gainsbourg’s protege: Billy Obam.


In addition, Aslouk is associated with the humanitarian projects of his sponsor. He then states:


“[…] It is an honor to support his causes and his various fights throughout the world”


Lucas Berjot, also known as Aslouk, is not ready to stop in such a promising way. After “Première Entaille” and many other albums, he even plans to become a model or why not an actor. Undoubtedly, he makes it clear that this is only the beginning.


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