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Ariana Grande on the road to victory

Ariana Grande on the road to victory

It’s only her third album and she’s already a planetary star. After a thrilling 2016, 2017 is likely to be glorious.

We are in 2017 and it’s been three and a half years since the young Ariana Grande released her first album Yours Truly. Since 2016, things have only grown for her. In January of last year, she won the post of muse for the cosmetics brand MAC Cosmetics and announced a partnership with the British clothing brand Lipsy London. In the heart, she was with Ricky Alvarez until July but eventually the couple broke up. The pop star now hosts Mac Miller in his heart. She even released a title with him: My Favorite Part. A brutal change for the fans. Things happened so quickly that one wonders whether in the last few months she still loved Ricky. Why did she stay with him? The sentimental relationship of the singer never lasts more than a year. Attention Mac! If you count it has only 7 months left !! Maybe less …

In May, he released his third album entitled Dangerous Woman with 11 songs and 4 singles. This CD will soon give place to a world tour which will total 18 songs. Uncertainty of this number because Ariana has posted the list on Snapchat. Let’s wait for surprise titles !!
The tour Dangerous Woman Tour will begin February 2 in Phoenix in the United States. She will go back and forth in the two countries of North America until April 15th. Then she will be visiting Western Europe for only 18 dates! Maybe she will do just like Justin Bieber by adding some surprise dates? Let’s hope so.
Be sure, Ariana will be a rage. She understood the recipe. With a charismatic face and often wearing short skirts, it has enough to attract a large audience …

The artist was congratulated by Chris Martin (singer of Coldplay), Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, etc … Indeed, his voice has an excellent tessitura. Soprano, she has the ability to sing on more than 4 octaves (a normal soprano voice can average 2 octaves). Using a whistle voice, she was nicknamed the New Mariah Carrey.

Ariana Grande is diversifying into another area that is cinema. Last July, it was announced at the cast of the TV movie Hairspray Live! Released last December 7 on the North American screens. This year, she would have even made a small cameo in Ben Stiller’s Zoolander 2. For February 8, it is scheduled for the movie Cinquantes Nuances Plus Sombres. She is not the only star of this feature. Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Zayn are also part of the game.

2017 is a year full of surprises with the first nominations. The first ceremony will be Sunday, January 8th. Nominated in the sections “Best Solo Performance of Pop” and “Best Pop Album” with the song Dangerous Woman, she will face Adele, Beyonce, Justin Bieber among others. Suffice to say that the pressure is great for the young woman.
But his biggest nomination comes from the Oscars branch: the Golden Globes. Having sung for Steevie Wonder in the title Faith, (part of Garth Jennings’ Soundtrack for Singing Sing), the song is nominated for Best Original Song.

Ariana Grande is promised a promising future. With a graceful face as his voice, we look forward to this famous February 2.

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